The touch of Aloha

Lomilomi is a massage form originated from the beautiful tradition and culture of the Hawaiian Islands.
Lomilomi reflects the natural rhythms on the islands of the Pacific: fresh springs, waterfalls, the waves of the ocean, the tradewinds, tropical heath. Your body experiences the loving touch of Aloha, which relaxes and brings your body and mind back to their own natural, harmonious Rhythm. Mana or vital energy flows through your entire body, tensions will go and a good health is stimulated.

This authentic Hawaiian massage in the tradition of the legendary Aunty Margaret Machado includes the physical as well as the spiritual, starting with a Hawaiian opening prayer and ending with a Hawaiian closing prayer.

Lomilomi restores your vitality. It has a profound effect on the muscles, the nervoussystem and the senses. It improves circulation by dilating bloodvessels and restores the body vigor. Lomilomi increases the bloodsupply to the vessels which brings nutrition to the muscles. It heightens the metabolism and improves muscle tone. Lomilomi acts as a cleanser to eliminate water and toxins, lessens pain and facilitates movement. Light Lomilomi on the face, neck and arms helps to keep the skin youthful and is an aid in preventing wrinkles and blemishes. Lomilomi is very healthy .... a real treat to yourself.

The peaceful, relaxing sound of the Hawaiian noseflute announces the start of the Lomilomi. In an Hawaiian inspired environment you will feel connected to the islands, the Haleakala crater, Pele the Goddess of volcanoes, the rainforest, the ocean, all helping you to come in Rhythm with your own unique, beautiful self.

Lomilomi is a very respectful form of massage and although it originates from the beautiful exotic islands of Hawaii, please note that this is not an erotic massage.

Full body massage 1 hour.
The fee for a Lomilomi massage is 80 Euro
A series of 3 massage sessions 225 Euro

The massage studio is located in the center of Amsterdam. For an appointment and more information please phone +31 (0)20 6224390 or click to contact .

Ke'Ola Gerda van der Linden learned the Lomilomi in 1994-1996 from the legendary Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelulu'uonapali Machado (1917-2009) on The Big Island of Hawai'i. The Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai'i honored Aunty Margaret with the title 'Living Treasure of Hawai'i' for her outstanding knowledge of the ancient Hawaiian healing arts. In 1996 Aunty Margaret gave Ke'Ola Gerda van der Linden her blessing to teach her form of Lomilomi in The Netherlands. Please contact her if you are interested in the Lomilomi training.

Give your body and mind a peaceful, rejuvenating break and let yourself be pampered or give this Hawaiian Lomilomi massage as a present to someone special to you.

CLASSES At the present the Hawaiian Lomilomi classes are presented in the Dutch language. Please contact Aloha o ka I for Lomilomi classes in the English language.


Photo-report of the Hawaiian Lomilomi Assocation Conference

  • Maternal Lomi with Aunty Mary Fragas
  • Aunty Margaret and Uncle Dan Machado get a Lomi
  • Only a few strong man are qualified to sail the double hulled canoe Hokule'a. Without navigational instruments they sail the Pacific. One of these men is Loyd Flo, a great storyteller
  • Dane Silva demonstrates the Lomi stick
  • Gerda/Ke'ola with Aunty Margaret and Uncle Dan Machado
  • Alan Alapai from the island of Kauai who also gave a beautiful lecture on Ho'oponopono. What a nice song he had composed on Ho'oponopono, we all sang along. - *** See below
  • Hot stone massage demonstration by Stephanie Gillespie
  • Herbal healing & nature with Kai Kaholokai
  • Meet the Kupuna, so willing to share their mana'o
  • The Kupuna offer their Aloha to the people with a gracious hula
  • The Kupuna offer their Aloha to the people with a gracious hula
  • Lomi can be so much fun
  • Papa K. gives a Back Lomi demonstration - ***** See below
  • Papa K. gives a Back Lomi demonstration - ***** See below
  • Japanese girls love the Lomi
  • Kammy giving a Lomi<br /> Look at the girls face; it feels so good
  • Young Canoe Sailers of The Big Island, Ke'eau High School
  • MAHALO NUI LOA for the organization of the Hawaiian Lomi lomi Conference 2002  - ******* See below
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Extra information slides:

Alan Alapai is from the island of Kauai. Alan gave a beautiful lecture on Ho'oponopono. What a nice song he had composed on Ho'oponopono, we all sang along. Some of his words I remember:
"Turn off the mind. It's like a radio that's on 24 hours a day. Negative energies like fear and anger built walls around the heart. The heart has to work harder, the spirit in the heart cannot come out. So where is the switch to turn off the mind? It's easy if we understand that the mind is not us, it's other people's voices. We were all born baby boy or baby girl, this is the door to connect with Akua. Use the mind for school/work/business, then turn it off. The opposite of the mind is the heart where our true spirit is.
The world was meant to be a park. It is required for all of us to play 2, 3 times a day in the park.
The HA can make the bubbles.
It is not being in the flow... but turn off the mind... you are the flow. We are only the channel, all is Akua.
Singing is for the soul, singing is for the heart.
Hug... hearts touching eachother, it's a MANA exchange."

Papa K. gives a Back Lomi demonstration.
He teaches Lomilomi all over the world.Pap K. is one of the few remaining Hawaiian Kahuna who can heal broken bones in 3 hours. How does he do that?
"Pray to God for guidance, without touch, then Ha (breathing)... Pray... Ha. HA is the breath of Life. Then hug.. it has to come from the heart."

MAHALO NUI LOA for the organization of the Hawaiian Lomi lomi Conference 2002:
Dane Kaohelani Silva, President Hawaiian Lomilomi Association,
Wesley Sen, Hualani Hopkins, Nancy Kahalewai, Pam Matsuda, Pam Silva, Desmon Antone Haumea, Edyson Ching, Gyongyi Szirom, Les Kulolio, Alice Moon & Company, Marisela Bracho.
The presenters:
All the Kupuna, Aunty Margaret Machado, Kai Kaholokai, Dennis Eli & Group, Kaleo & Elise Ching, Dane Silva, Rod Flor & The Kea'au High School crew, Aunty Mary Fragas, Leina'ala & Ikaika Dombrigues, Bulla Logan & Alapai Kahuena, Papa K., Daniël Fowler, Loyd Flo, Aunty Emmely, Stephanie Gillespie, The Musicians and Hula Dancers and... everybody that I forgot.