Ke'Ola Gerda van der Linden

My love for the Hawaiian people, their culture and the Hawaiian Islands is the inspiration behind Aloha o ka I.

The name Ke'Ola has been given to me by Kumu Hula Uncle George Lanakilakekiahilii Na'ope (Febr. 25, 1928 - Oct. 26, 2009 ), co-founder of the Merrie Monarch, the famous annual Hula Festival in Hilo on The Big Island. Uncle George was a Kumu Hula Kahiko, singer and preserver of traditional Hawaiian songs and values. He was honored for his work with the title "Living Treasure of Hawai'i". Please read more about him on Wikipedia

A question often asked is: How come a very much Dutch woman gets so fascinated by the spiritual culture of Hawaii? What follows, is a short description of a long and continuous journey.

It was in 1989 during a trip in Egypt, that I first heard about Kahuna of Hawaii. It was as if I was struck by lightning and bells ringing throughout my body. A source hidden deep inside me, came back to life. As soon as I was back in The Netherlands I started looking for books about Kahuna and at that time in 1989 only found one, 'The Secrect Science behind Miracles' by Max Freedom Long. It told about miracles performed by Kahuna, like healing broken bones in just 5 minutes.... I wanted to know all there was to know about it.
One event followed the other. One week after I was back from Egypt I was asked to organize a seminar for Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona (May 19, 1913 - Febr. 11, 1992) and her assistant Dr. Stanley Hew Len. They traveled all over the world to teach Morrnah's updated Ho'oponopono based on the traditional Hawaiian process of forgiveness and healing. During the seminar in center the Kosmos in Amsterdam a miracle healing happened. A man having a stiff leg as a result of a motor accident, asked Morrnah for a healing. Five minutes later he felt a warm flow through his leg, he was able to bend his knee again after 26 years and was healed. He had x-rays made of his knee and even where previously bonefragments were gone, the bone had been restored. I asked Morrnah: "How do you do that?" Her answer: "It's not me, it's God, all we have to do is ask." That's all? Now after many years of practizing and teaching Morrnah's Ho'oponopono, miracles have become a part of my life. The ancient Hawaiians had a knowledge, that thanks to people like Morrnah, is now available to anyone who is interested and willing to learn.
Read more about Morrnah on Wikipedia

During my first visit to Hawaii in 1993 I met an other wonderful, wise woman, Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakamoelulu'uonapali Machado.
Aunty Margaret teaching LomilomiAt her romantic wooden beachhouse near Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island Aunty Margaret teached her traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, which I learned from her in 1994. While I was there for the advanced class in 1996, Aunty Margaret asked me to come to her private room. Sitting on a Hawaiian mat while holding hands Aunty closed her eyes and started praying in Hawaiian. She then blew her breath on my cheeks, forehead and the top of my head, and gave me her blessing for teaching her style of Lomilomi in my country. Later that day Aunty's husband Uncle Dan told me: "Never change anything of Aunty's massage."
Over the years I experienced the wisdom of Uncle Dan's words because while massaging and teaching Aunty Margaret's Lomilomi, not having changed anything, her tradition or lineage is working through me and the clients.
Aunty Margaret's motto is: "Lomilomi is a praying work. Just lay your hands in Gods hands and let him do the work." Aunti walked the rainbow at age 93 on December 28, 2009.

Still every day I'm grateful that these beautiful Hawaiian elders, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Aunty Margaret Machado and Uncle George Na'ope crossed my path and were willing to share their wisdom. It changed my life forever. The study of ancient Hawaii, its culture and the healing arts is a beautiful never ending journey. I have visited Hawaii often and sometimes guide tours for small groups. We experience the Mana of the Hawaiian Islands, the spirit of Aloha, beautiful rainforest, volcanoes, sacred places, the ocean and much more. If you feel Hawaii is calling you, you're most welcome to join me in this Paradise. Click on the link Hawaii tours on top of this page to find out more.