When we think of Hawaii, we see idyllic beaches with waving palmtrees against a background of a turquoisblue ocean. Warm water invites us to explore the magical, colourful underwaterworld. Yes, it's all there and more. We tour The Big Island with its living volcano. There is a chance we'll even see the lava flow into the ocean.
The Hawaiian Islands are situated in the center of the worlds largest ocean, the Pacific, far away from the continents. The islands have their own unique rhythm. . . life is still relaxed. Our tour takes place in this relaxed rhythm. We'll have plenty of time to experience the beauty and power of the places we visit.

The isolated location of the islands, the extreme elements of nature and the cleansing, renewing energy of Pele (Goddess of the volcano), can bring forward unknown aspects of ourselves. Therefor a tour to Hawaii can be a multiple experience: enjoying the breathtaking versatile beauty of the islands, but also the possibility for renewing insights about ourselves and old habits. Hawaii is the perfect place for transmutation in a natural way. 'Ha' means breath;
'wai' means water; i is Ka I, which means the Divinity, so Hawaii is the breath and water of the Divinity... how wonderful.

Individual guided or special theme tours

If your physical condition is a bit weak, it's better not to join in on a grouptour, but have a special designed tour for yourself or together with a familymember. You can have a very special time in Hawaii. Or if you want a tailormade program for your family or group, that can also be arranged. The tour will be developed preconcerted according to your wishes. For example, you can do the tour specifically to start a new phase in your life in a nice and relaxed way. Hawaii will certainly provide the right tools and environment for you to do just that. 
Before the tour takes place you will have a personal meeting with your tour guide Ke'Ola Gerda van der Linden. You can call +31(0)20-6224390 or email for more information.

Depending on individual wishes, included in the tour are:
- Nature meditations. Excercises in perceiving information on different levels of consciousness
- Personal and/or group rituals
- Healing from nature and the energy of sacred places

Pictures of previous Hawaii Tours